Please mail us to with these documents to complete your application procedure

(1) Resume

(2) Power-Point Presentation

(3) Research Paper

(3) A one minute video

Detailed Instructions:

Prepare a Power-Point presentation (not more than 10slides) about yourself(one slide), your short-term and long term goals(one slide), Sciensation(one slide) and why you are applying for this job.

The one minute video shall contain your introduction, your short-term and your long term goals.

Prepare a one-page write-up about any one of these topics

1- Making Science interesting (Refer Feynman's Lecture on Curiosity, on YouTube) 

2-Pricing Strategies (Price Warrior v/s Cult Products)

3- Event based Advertising Strategies (Providing Product Positioning Opportunities to Sponsors, within events)

4- Digital Marketing 

5- Marketing versus Evangelism ( Refer Guy Kawasaki's appointment at Apple)